The World Is Reopening! Here’s to the Rest of 2021!

Hey all, We know we haven’t posted here for quite some time and we apologize.

First off we just want to give you a MAJOR THANK YOU for supporting the first season of the You Know the Drill podcast! After 1 year and over 50+ episodes, season 1 is now over and we are taking a break for the summer. Don’t worry, we will be back relatively soon to keep the podcast train rolling!

For those unfamiliar with this,  You Know the Drill is a casual lifestyle podcast where myself (Brandon) and co-host Sam talk about literally anything that comes to mind. From gaming and food to brand identity and digital creations, we enjoy exploring the entire spectrum!

You Know the Drill is currently available on Apple Podcasts, Anchor, and Spotify…as well as the majority of other podcast streaming platforms!


As always, if you are interested in following the music we cover here at Modern Neon, you can follow our playlists on Spotify!


Anyways here is what we have been working on!

We finally have our official playlists available on Spotify!

If you are a fan of our electronic music content feel free to follow our Electric Backdrop playlist!

If you are a fan of our rock, indie, and alternative content feel free to follow our Illumination Station playlist!

Thank you for your support over the last year and we can’t wait to show what else we have in store for you!

  • Brandon