Goodbye 2021! Get the Hell Outta Here…Please…Thanks!

Hey everyone!

Man, it feels weird to be writing another blog post, I feel it has been such a long time since we updated the world on what’s going on behind the scenes.

Anyway, anyone else thrilled that 2021 is over? We definitely are. While 2021 was perhaps our best year for growth and for content, I can personally I’m a bit burnt out. While we have a process to prevent this throughout the year, I have skipped it multiple times to meet deadlines and provide coverage to as many different artists as possible. I personally have to say thank god that we’re slower during this time of year, as even I am taking at least two weeks off to recharge! That’s crazy for a workaholic like me.

2021 has definitely been a year of growth for Modern Neon! With increased numbers on socials and daily traffic, we are finally able to put a spotlight on many artists who are trying their best to make headway in this age. We’ve widened our scope this year from being primarily EDM-focused to incorporating independent, alternative, pop, R&B, and even a bit of Americana! This is thanks to our amazing network, who have been such a major help expanding our showcase. I’d like to give a personal thanks to both Keelyn, Selbe, and the rest of the teams over at WAKAAN, Gravitas, and Electric Hawk respectfully, who are an absolute joy to work with and helped majorly expand out EDM content with their bass music and other insanely talented producers!

As Modern Neon continues to grow, we are casually shifting our vision to become not only a home for musicians of all kinds, but for creators all across the spectrum. We have re-found over the last year our love for creation, so we will have many projects ready throughout 2022.

CHEERS! – Brandon


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