Modern Neon’s Christmas Bonanza (Also Updates)

Hello everyone! First off, I just want to say that I am thrilled with everyone who made the transition from MiR to Modern Neon Media. It has been quite the ride to launch this and I am so far thrilled with the result. Anyway, we are continuing the grow behind the scenes, optimizing the process and bringing in new voices to add their own perspective. The first of these, David, has been instrumental in keeping up with non-music related content and I am excited to see where we are going.

But this isn’t just a casual update, it is time to announce our next major project. As we are neck-deep in the holiday season, we decided to place an arduous task in our laps. We want to talk about our favorite Christmas movies, and we couldn’t settle on just a solid 10. So, why not 25?

That is right! We will be analyzing and looking at a well-known Christmas movie every day from Dec. 1st to Christmas Day (Dec. 25). We are excited to take on this challenge and can’t wait to see what you all have to say! You can find links to each of the articles below, as this post will be updated every day with new content. Our favorites will return in January, so keep an eye out

Modern Neon’s Christmas Bonanza