Quarantine 2020 Update

Hey all, We know we haven’t posted here for quite some time and we apologize.

However, we are here now and that is what matters.

Since we are based in the bay area, we have been dealing with balancing the world reset while still trying to push out content for you to read. Our quarantine might be ending soon, but this balance and new structure has quite a high chance of being our new norm.

With self-isolation and quarantine under way, we actually have had much more time to wrap a few projects that have been in the works for too long. We may just want to lounge around and build our own islands in Animal Crossing, but we have a site to run and an audience to appease. We love you~


Anyways here is what we have been working on!

We finally have our official playlists available on Spotify!

If you are a fan of our electronic music content feel free to follow our Electric Backdrop playlist!

If you are a fan of our rock, indie, and alternative content feel free to follow our Illumination Station playlist!

Lastly but definitely not least, we started our official Modern Neon podcast!

You Know the Drill is a casual lifestyle podcast where myself (Brandon) and co-host Sam (NoComicsComics) talk about literally anything that comes to mind. From gaming and food to brand identity and digital creations, we enjoy exploring the entire spectrum!

You Know the Drill is currently available on Anchor and Spotify, with distribution currently underway to have on all major podcast platforms.

That’s it! Thanks for checking in and we hope you are staying sane and safe.