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Woah, looks like you found our community page! This page is where we showcase our favorite creators that we aim to support. Want to be listed as apart of our community? Contact us or DM us on social media.



After officially going full-time, a friend of the site Jepheroth needs to be on your list for versatile streamers. He doesn’t specialize in any particular game, but you can find if often streaming the latest indie game or Fire Pro Wrestling. Also, he co-hosts the “Game Tasty Show” Podcast with NerdBacon leader Dave the Watchman! Follow him on socials!


Nerd Bacon

Every interested in collaborating with interesting fellow gaming aficionados? Nerd Bacon is a growing community of video game fans who thrive on the latest news, reviews, and speculations about the future of the gaming industry. Modern gaming not your bag? There are plenty of retro writers in the roster, so you won’t be disappointed. Currently, the main face of Nerd Bacon, Dave the Watchman, hosts a live-streamed podcast called the “Game Tasty Show” with fellow community member Jepheroth.


Ever just want to sit back, relax, and chat with a friendly face? CeraphineJane has you covered. She plays most games under the sun, but you can find her playing builders like Cities: Skylines, or favorites like Grand Theft Auto V. She also has an active and thriving Discord where her community embraces newcomers. Check her out!