NEW REMIX ALERT: BRYKLN Ft. Mariah McManus “Heart of the City” (Myon Signature Remix)

This Hungarian sure knows how to take an already popular track and remix it into his own. Easily considered an energetic maestro of sorts, Myon has already kept busy throughout the beginning of 2017. With his “Heart of the City” remix marking his 3rd release, Myon continues to put out hit after hit and wowing audiences. Myon has also since re-launched his record label, RIDE, now sporting the name of Black Hole. The community is providing plenty of support for Myon’s ventures, even from larger acts such as Above & Beyond as well as Markus Schulz.

As for the track itself, Myon only elevated it to the next level of euphoria. While BRKLYN and Mariah McManus easily crafted the next summer hit, Myon takes it just another step further. The synths are gleaming with joy, and the melodies build to a track of pure ecstasy. There is so much energy in each beat of the track that if it doesn’t have you dancing, then there is something wrong.

Be sure to give “Heart of the City” (Myon Signature Mix) a full listen below:

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