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Trap Vs Hardstyle…Carnage Collabs With Timmy Trumpet & Wicked Minds For Monster “Nah Nah”

If you need a quick adrenaline rush in your career, this is the artist that will take you to the end, chaos and all. We are taking a moment to stop off at Heavyweight Records for “Nah Nah”, the latest collab helmed by Carnage. This Vegas-based producer made himself a pioneer in the hard bass and trap communities, finding his strive quickly. Carnage was even one of the first major artists to incorporate hip-hop elements into his work, creating a hard bass and urban style. Carnage went on to create Heavyweight Records in 2017, surrounding himself with crazily unique producers in the hardcore and hip-hop genres.

When we saw the participants in this collab, we knew that this was going to be a heavy track filled with as much madness as it could hold. “Nah Nah” is the result of when hardstyle tries to take on trap, yet they end up melding together in an intriguing anomaly. This hardstyle yet euphoric track was made for the hard festival scene, pumping life back into the crowd from the previous set. Hell, it even made its official debut back during Carnage’s set at Tomorrowland. This hardstyle monster cannot be slain and will permeate into your ears soon.

Make sure you check out “Nah Nah” on YouTube and on Spotify!

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