Protocol’s DØBER  Drops 2nd Full “About You” EP, A Musical Exploration of Dark House Music

While we know that we can always come to Protocol for our daily dose of progressive house, sometimes we want to explore their darker side. On our latest visit over to Protocol we are checking out About You, a brand new EP from the talented DØBER. With DØBER officially debuting on the label, his tech-house production is a much-needed addition to the roster and providing a break from the progressive. Now that DØBER found his place in the roster, there are plenty of other producers and artists ready and waiting for this tech-house newcomer. For those of you unfamiliar with the works of DØBER, you definitely have a long list to catch up on. Drawing plenty of inspiration  from artists such as DogbloodZHU and Gesaffelstein, DØBER is an incredibly talented producer that drives the hard-hitting side of Protocol forward. Since making his 2020’s debut “Twisted” EP, DØBER has quickly become one of the leading artists in Protocol’s roster.

Taking no time to slow down after his most recent collab with Monocule, DØBER is back with his second artist EP to add to his collection. Featuring three brand new productions to add to the DØBER catalog, this About You EP was carefully crafted to span the spectrum of DØBER’s range as a producer. Utilizing his signature dark house style DØBER crafted a musical gradient if you will, with each track becoming progressively darker as the listener moves through the EP. The EP’s title track starts on the lighter side, blending distorted vocals and bouncy bass to set the stage for the rest of what is to come. “Revolution” quickly picks up the pieces and stabs you into euphoria with its stabbing synths. As the EP comes to a close, “In My Soul” provides the listener with an almost cinematic soundscape, wrapping them with a dreamy melody as they wrap up their experience. If you are a fan of DØBER or dark house, then About You needs to already be in your rotation.

Make sure you check out the About You EP on Spotify below or over on YouTube!

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