Eighty Ninety Releases “Stay Alive”, New Confessional Ballad Turned Pop Single/Video

If you ever find yourself in a moment where you can’t express your feelings through communication, adapt and use the global language that is music. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “Stay Alive”, the latest single from Eighty Ninety. Bursting onto the scene back in 2016, Eighty Ninety hit the ball right out of the gate with their debut single “Three Thirty”. Quickly after its initial release, the single reached #2 on Spotify’s Global Viral Charts and they seized the opportunity to drop their full EP Elizabeth. Now snagging over 25 million streams online, the Eighty Ninety catalog was even selected by Taylor Swift for her official Spotify playlist “Songs Taylor Loves”.This latest single will join the duo’s previously released singles “Happier” and “Better With Friends” on their next EP, The EP, the is a collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Gian Stone (Maroon 5, Dua Lipa) and will drop later this year.

“The song is a promise to be there for myself and an acknowledgement that the more grounded part of me knows that those feelings pass, and I’ll make it through to the other side/ My hope is that it can also be a loving reminder to anyone else going through a hard time — and a promise to our audience that through our music we are and will always try to be there to help provide comfort and joy to anyone who listens.” – Abner James

The closer this album comes to fully release, the more we are excited to see more of Eighty Ninety and their approach to making meaningful indie music. The latest single coming from their debut album, “Stay Alive” was created during a rather dark period for songwriter Abner James, Removing and taking down all of his guards and shields, Abner uses “Stay Alive” to express his ongoing battles with mental health, originally crafting a confessional ballad as the song came to him while he sat at his piano one night. Once going through the Eighty Ninety production process, the brother duo transformed the track from a ballad to an intense yet upbeat pop song that anyone else who is struggling in the back can relate to. We’ve been keeping our eye on Eighty Ninety for quite some time now, and we can’t be more excited to see a deeper and more impactful side to the James brothers.

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