Madisyn Gifford Takes Center Stage With Honest Indie Pop Debut EP “Learning to Exist”

With as much success she has found with her first three singles, the collection simply cannot be overlooked. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out Learning to Exist, the newest single from Madisyn Gifford. She may have just broken onto the Vancouver indie scene last fall, she is quickly finding her home. Being adept at singing basically since she could talk, Madisyn has been on the path to embracing the life of a musician since she was able to fathom the concept. Now at a mere twenty years old, Madisyn has plenty to tell listeners, along with the skills to back it up. Releasing her debut single “Without You” back in late 2020, she has already amassed almost 200k online streams. This time working alongside acclaimed producer Colin Janz, “Voulez-Vous” is just the first step in a collection of single prepared for 2021.

 “My EP consists of seven songs that I wrote over the course of two years (ages 17-19); all about moving in and out of interpersonal relationships and the feelings that surround moving from adolescence into young adulthood. Each song holds such a special place in my heart because I quite literally wrote them in an effort to learn how to exist as a young adult and also get my footing as an artist. This body of work feels like it has been such a long time coming and so much love was put into it, I am beyond excited to share these songs with the world!” – Madiysn

As the rising indie-pop scene in Canada continues to develop, more and more talent rises to the surface like Madiysn Gifford. First popping on our radar back with her single “Voulez-Vous”, Madisyn popped back in our rotation once more with a brand new EP primed and ready for us to push play. Featuring seven tracks in total (with four brand new productions), the entire album is an exploration of Madisyn’s growth as an artist and storyteller. Written over the course of two years, Learning to Exist highlights Madisyn’s witty yet honest lyrics while stretching her creative songwriting muscles. Madisyn’s true talent lies within her vocal stylings, as each track utilizes a different approach to her delicate yet alluring vocal work. Whether you are looking for a fun and bouncy pop number or a vulnerable and introspective ballad, Learning to Exist has a track for you.  With Learning to Exist and her debut EP officially in the can, what will Madisyn do next? We will keep this one under our microscope for now.

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