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Saudi Arabia’s First Female Producer Cosmicat Release Sultry Big Room House Debut “Toxic Romance”

Even if it is considered taboo, no one is going to stop today’s artist from achieving her dream. On our latest visit over to MDLBEAST we are checking out “Toxic Romance”, the latest single from Cosmicat. Today’s release is a big one folks, as Cosmicat is Saudi Arabia’s first and leading female DJ and producer. Born in Jeddah, Cosmicat’s creator Nouf Sufyani always had a strong passion for music, even when it is considered taboo as well as record stores and live performances not existing in her region. Since she had to keep her passion a secret due to cultural standards, Cosmicat became a “bedroom DJ” and taught herself everything she knows about music production and DJing. Cosmicat was finally able to debut during MDLBEAST’s “Soundstorm”, the largest music festival in Saudi Arabia, and quickly gained the attention of the electronic music world. After getting a chance to showcase her passion on such a large stage like “Soundstorm”, Cosmicat is finally geared up and ready to drop her debut single.

When I was working on ‘Toxic Romance,’ all I had on my mind was that I wanted to create the sound I love. It got me romanticizing about my relationship with it, as it’s a human being; how it was there for me every time I needed it or how I always come around to seek and chase it. On the sonic level, I wanted to add a big-sounding synth to make the track sound bold and highlight how synthesizers and electronic music can coexist with gentle whispering and my own vocals. I believe this makes ‘Toxic Romance‘ sounding delicate and personal, while still being dancefloor-friendly.” – Cosmicat

When anyone has to keep their passion a secret because of cultural standards or it being taboo, we think that is a damn shame. Situations like those is how we miss out on fantastic rising star producers like Cosmicat. Clawing her way out of the underground, Cosmicat’s debut single “Toxic Romance” is a solid introduction to her as a producer to the global market. Blending elements of techno, house, and big room, “Toxic Romance” can easily become a sultry dancefloor gem before anyone knows it. Cosmicat allows her big room synths to take the lead, allowing her techno-infused bassline to drive “Toxic Romance” forward and light up the dance floor. While we don’t have enough of a sample from Cosmicat to completely nail down her style, we definitely think that she has the potential to be an emotive and dancefloor maven. Cosmicat is trailblazing the way for more female producers to step into the spotlight in Saudi Arabia and we can’t wait to see what else she brings to the table in 2021.

Make sure you check out “Toxic Romance” on Spotify below!

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