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Producer/YouTuber Blanks Drops Raw and Emotional Final Single “I’m Sorry” + Debut Album Out 10/29!

Every artist has to start somewhere and you don’t have the gall to at least give it a shot then you won’t move forward. On our latest peek into the digital world we are checking out “I’m Sorry”, the latest single from Blanks. Starting off like many others as a bedroom producer at his parent’s home in the Netherlands, Blanks has quickly become one of the most promising indie-pop artists in today’s scene. Utilizing social media to his advantage, Blanks built a fiercely loyal fanbase and many talented individuals who help and inspire Blanks across the digital airwaves. His highly engaged YouTube channel, “Music By Blanks”, already has over 1.3 million followers and has opened up many opportunities, including his series “Blanks Invites” which lead to collaborations with Alfie Templeman, Dayglow, San Holo, and Sheppard. Now with his debut album, Nothing Lasts Forever, And That’s Ok dropping on October 29th and a fully sold-out tour on the horizon, it’s proof that not even a pandemic could hold Blanks back.

While we feature quite a bit of indie-pop music here on Modern Neon, we don’t often traverse into the Youtuber space and showcase the raw talents of digital creators. So why not change that? The latest single leading up to Blanks’s full album drop, “I’m Sorry” is quite the departure from previous works that Blanks released out into the world. More commonly known for his upbeat, energetic, indie-pop gems, this track allows the listeners to experience a more raw and realistic version of Blanks. “I’m Sorry” is overflowing with complex emotions, as it details the difficult decision the Blanks must make…either pursue his career or stay with the love of his life. We enjoy musical departures like this one, as it shows that an artist isn’t just a one-trick pony and lets the listener have a peek behind our public mask. Let’s make this clear, we are definitely excited for Nothing Lasts Forever, And That’s Ok, and you should be too.

Make sure you check out the music video for “I’m Sorry” on YouTube below or listen over on Spotify!

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Credit: Jantina Talsma

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