Bass Maven Redrum Sculpts New Deep Bass Amalgamation in “Colors”, First Single Off of Upcoming “Butterfly Effect” EP

You can truly pull inspiration from the oddest of places in order to spark your creativity. On our latest visit over to WAKAAN we are checking out “Colors”, the latest drop from Redrum. Created by Portland producer Titiana Tindall, Redrum is a new ethereal music project inspired by the works of Stephen King. Originally finding her love of music in the realm of dance, it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 17 that the Redrum began bubbling under the surface. Absorbing creative energy from King’s concept around “The Shining”, Redrum became an electric bass witch and has been cultivating a new collection of surreal bass music for the masses.  Redrum is quickly blossoming in the bass music world, gaining plenty of buzz from features in Electric Hawk’s Harmony Virtual Music Festival and In Unity Livestream, WormholeEntertainment’s weekly Wormhole Wednesday, and Nova LotusMusic’s NovaVita live streams.

“‘Colors’ was inspired by the deep dubstep sound from the mid 2000’s – 2010’s that got me into bass music so many years ago. I wanted to put my spin on that style and fuse nostalgic sounds with modern production techniques.” – Redrum

One of out initial introductions to the world of experimental bass back in the day, Redrum is the bass maven that we love to watch evolve and grow. Every single project she releases amongst the WAKAAN/SSKWAN family of labels is a different exploration of her fluid style, so when we hear that Redrum has a new drop we have to immediately push it to the front of the queue. Taking inspiration from the 2000’s deep dubstep, Redrum weaves an almost uneasy tapestry of sound that feels alive with motion and life. Redrum creates an odd illusion that what we are listening to is a hidden amalgamation just waiting right out of our senses waiting for a few more resources to fully wake up. “Colors” may just be a tease off of her next substantial EP out later this year, but it is enough to uncomfortably satisfy us until the next bite.

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