juuku x Farrah Incorporate Clashing Genres Into “heart strings”, A Beautiful Case Study Of Genre Fusion

When you have two artists that are lighting up their perspective fields, put them into the studio and they should make magic together. On our latest dive into the electronic world we are checking out “heart strings”, the latest from juuku and Farrah. Both artists are quickly making waves and catching the attention of tastemakers in the electronic music industry. juuku has been quietly cultivating a community with their single “Just Lost”, while Farrah has been inserting themselves into the current landscape with their previous single “Hollow”. While both juuku and Farrah have drastically different styles, when pushed into a collaboration like “heart strings” where they can truly become chameleons in terms of production but still push their style to the forefront.

“‘Heart strings’ is the brainchild of what an emotional, nostalgic, and a beautiful soundscape of controlled chaos would sound like. When I close my eyes, I envision being at a beach with a loved one during a sunset and all the bottled up feelings are released without strings attached. Juuku and Farrah’s euphoric and hard hitting styles capture what that being in love may sound like.” – juuku x farrah

When you two drastically different musical styles enter a production together, you’re never really sure if all of the puzzle pieces are going to fit perfectly. For example, when we first heard “heart strings” we were enraptured by juuku’s ambient world music that aided in our visual interpretation of the track, only to be disrupted by Farrah’s drops. However, pull back the curtain a bit more and you can see that the track is an intriguing balance of musical beauty and chaos. Each producer is taking the listener on a separate but complementary journey, letting each other take their turns in the spotlight before fading into one cohesive unit. “heart strings” could easily be an interesting case study for those interested in the art of genre fusion. juuku and Farrah are going to be interesting producers to watch through the rest of 2022, no doubt about that.

Make sure you check out “Heart Strings” on Spotify below and on your favorite streaming platform!

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