Bruno Be & ÜHÜ’s “Silence” is CONTROVERSIA’s Latest Moody and Deep House Single

Sure, you may be thinking to yourself, yet another house track. However, house music is such a wide overarching umbrella that just a tweak can change it into a different niche genre. On our latest visit over to CONTROVERSIA we are checking out “Silence”, the latest from Bruno Be, ÜHÜ, and IDKARE. Created by producer Gabriel Murillo Mello, ÜHÜ is the latest project to come out from this post-pandemic world. With over ten years of DJing/producing under his belt, Gabriel is a major force to be reckoned with down in the Brazilian dance scene, amassing over 1 billion streams over the course of his career. Not only has he performed at major festivals such as Tomorrowland Brasil, EDC Brasil, Green Valley, Dream Valley, PUMP, and the Rio Music Conference, but he’s also gained support from the likes of David GuettaMartin GarrixAlokTiëstoSteve AokiHardwellShowtek, and many others. Even though he’s already an accomplished musician, Gabriel crafted this new startup  persona so he can dive deep into the world of house music from scratch as ÜHÜ. 

As part of CONTROVERSIA’s latest double feature,  this collaboration takes a rather different approach from its double feature counterpart. When many people hear the term “house music”, it can drastically mean something different for each person depending on their perspective. For example, “Silence” is Bruno Be’s, ÜHÜ’s, and IDKARE’s variation of house music, diving deep into the deep melodies and darker underbelly of the genre. The producers embody a more “sonic” approach to the track’s production, prioritizing the moody melodies, atmospheric tones, and rolling basslines to create an underground allure for “Silence” as a whole. While the single is dynamically different, it does showcase the forward-thinking mindset of CONTROVERSIA and why a house music double feature works so damn well.

Make sure you check out “Silence” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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