Low Blow Returns with “Back To Me” – New Dose of Fine House Music Inspired by UK Garage Sounds

While we’re often soaring around the world looking for electronic music fueled with the local talent/sounds, we almost completely look over the land of the queen. On our latest visit over to Protocol we are checking out “Back To Me” the latest release from Low Blow. Protocol has been on the front lines of discovering talented artists out of the weeds, each time incorporating that artist’s sound into their overal style. Today’s artist, Low Blow, is an energetic producing duo hailing out of Spain and bringing an almost neo style along with them. Primarily focusing on electro house originals and remixes, Low Blow has been incredibly busy over the last year making their mark in the EDM world. After a year of producing Low Blow caught the eye of TurnItUp Music and that put their music into a global rotation. The duo has gained plenty of recognition through official remixes of DANK & Lorensa‘s “One Life,” Sick Individuals & Justin Prime‘s “Guilty” feat. Nevve and Nicky Romero & Sick Individuals‘ “Only for You.”

We’ve been so busy down in Brazil and in other countries all around the world that we tend to forget that the UK literally helped shape house music back in the late 80s and early 90s. With Low Blow revisiting Protocol for his sixth time, he wanted to change up the formula and bring listeners something that toes the line between nostalgia and end-of-summer club vibes. Low Blow bounces back and forth from being velvety smooth and sweet to overwhelmingly funky and progressive, letting “Back To Me” take full control and lead the listener to the source. Low Blow strikes the right balance between embodying the Protocol sound we know and love while still honoring UK Garage and all of its glory.

Check out “Back To Me” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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