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Is it Mainstream or a Taste of the Underground? Raiden & Tom Tyger Team Up For "Electric"

Now we need to take a step back from all of the genre-bending chaos and showcase some more raw talent. This time around we are checking out “Electric”, the latest track from Protocol veterans Raiden and Tom Tyger. Raiden has kept himself busy while developing his style and launching his career, with even traveling to Japan and performing in a rock band. This experience has affected his own personal style, as Raiden strives to combine EDM with rock. He even plays the guitar on a number of his tracks!
Tyger is a stable performer in the Protocol roster, has been keeping himself busy lately with multiple live performances and a few other tracks released in 2017 and 2018. Tom Tyger was even nominated as the “Best French DJ of 2016” by DJ Mag France and has received support from big names in the industry such as Avicii and Axwell ^ Ingrosso. All of these performers/producers are prime examples of the image that Protocol is striving for.
Since Raiden’s and Tom Tyger’s first collaboration “C’est la Vibe” back in 2016, these producers have been warping their style and enhancing their progress house sound. They achieve this to some extent in “Electric”, where they tiptoe on the line between the dark underground club scene and mainstream EDM. These producers add a few twists on their styles, adding a quick vocal riff to enhance the crowd. At the same time, this allows them to focus on a deep driving bass and a topline that is just fueled by a funky melody. We have no doubt in our minds that this will be an absolute banger in clubs for the next year.
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