The Aracnid Bass Queen Returns to SSKWAN With New Delightfully Dark “Spider Lily” EP

Alright enough with the soft chill vibes, we need to make room for the bass maven to make her return. On our latest visit over to SSKWAN we are checking out Spider Lily, the latest drop from sharlitz web. Fueled by all of the highs and lows that life throws at her, sharlitz web is bursting onto the bass scene to introduce her liquid dark bass style to the masses. In order to tap into her artistic energy, sharlitz web steps into one of the darkest moments of her life…the loss of her best friend and little sister Charlotte. However, sharlitz web embodies the concept of a phoenix and uses that dread to fuel her dark artistic musical style. She is already making her mark on the bass community, generating buzz from her original productions “7 sins” and “deep dreams”. sharlitz web crafts a haunting atmosphere that is equally welcoming yet disconcerting at the same time.

“I wrote this EP in the midst of a tsunami wave of emotions that arose around the anniversary of when my sister had passed. I started feeling her more with me and her trying to uplift me through all of these emotions.

It really was like a tidal wave because before I knew it I was so submerged in the creation of this new sound of mine. She was guiding me in a way that helped me create the music I needed to hear to help heal me from this. As I was writing ‘Spider Lily’ I just kept crying these happy tears that came from a place of light and love. It didn’t hurt as much to think about her because I could feel her through the sound.

I like to look at the Spider Lily flower as a constant cycle of growth and evolution. This EP symbolizes my rebirth when she was taken. It symbolizes the rising phoenix in you to get ready to embark on this journey with perseverance and strength. It symbolizes that even if someone/something you love is gone, they are STILL with you.

Inspirations behind this are drawn from Charlesthefirst and his ability to create a safe space for his listeners. That’s what I want, is a safe space for my listeners to let go— To be vulnerable and open minded to healing, therapeutic music and allow yourself to submerge deep enough to rise out of whatever it is that’s hurting you.” – Sharlitz Web

While we have come quite a long way on our bass music journey since initially covering sharlitz web, she still has an oddly distorted rift in our minds where her and her music live rent from. A brand new EP handcrafted during a personal session of being overwhelmed by heavy emotions, Spider Lily consists of three chaotic tracks that aim to capture sharlitz web’s emotional state at the time. Throughout the quick run of the EP, sharlitz web crafts and entangles the listeners in a chaotic yet beautiful soundscape, unwilling to allow those who choose not to dive to be free of her arachnid curse. Between the enveloping basslines and fluctuating elegant downtempo, the entire Spider Lily package needs to be uncovered, formed, and absorbed by any listener who has any interest in unique sound design or bass music.

Make sure you check out “Spider Lily” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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