Singer Songwriter Mae Krell Releases New Emotionally Charged EP “imposter syndrome (B-Sides)”

We don’t have enough artists that release “b-sides” of their projects, and when an artist brings back a tried and true practice we have to acknowledge it. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out imposter syndrome (B-sides) the latest drop from Mae Krell. While Krell is currently on a new musical journey after a two-year hiatus, Krell has worn many different hats in the music industry. From taking professional pictures for Rolling Stone and RGA to founding both online music publication Tongue Tied Magazine and the more recent Bitch MGMT multimedia PR agency, Krell racks up career milestones left and right. While Krell is now taking it one day at a time as an artist, their ambition knows no boundaries. At just 22 years of age, Krell is wise and more musically mature than many of her peers.

I fell in love for the first time in February 2020 and by the end of the year I had followed her to a different state. Although I was away from my friends and family, I still had a feeling of home and belonging- thanks to her. Writing (like) spring originally started as me being fearful and lonely and trying to figure out why, and it led to a love song. For the places I never saw myself being happy in, until I was. For the neighbors and routines I didn’t think much about in the moment, until I moved away and started to miss them. And most importantly, it’s a love song for the girl who made me realize that I could write one, after thinking that I absolutely never would.” – Mae Krell

While we fell in love with Krell’s original imposter syndrome EP released earlier this year, we had no idea that there was more to the project just waiting in the wings. While this 2-track collection was originally recording during the imposter syndrome sessions, after much consideration they ended up on the cutting room floor. Since Krell as a lover of music considers some her favorite songs from her favorite bands are the ones that barely made the cut, she wanted to revisit the unreleased demos alongside producer  Jakob Leventhal. While “tooth fairy” was released as a standalone single earlier this year and explores the concept of being better off without that special someone, “(like) Spring” sounds out the EP with a contrasting introspection about falling in love for the first time. We remember those feelings, but they are buried down deep…so deep that not even Mae Krell can break it free.

Make sure you check out imposter syndrome (b sides) on Spotify below!

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Photos by Alex Lyon

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