Rising Singer Songwriter Ella Rosa Releases Electro-Soul R&B Single “Not Cute”

Even though we haven’t been branching out too much in the last few months, it’s about time we changed that. On our latest dive in the indie world we are checking out “Not Cute”, the latest drop from Ella Rosa. Originally born and raised in  Henley-On-Thames, Ella Rosa found her love of music once reaching the shore of the United States. Moving to Manhatten at the age of 11, Ella Rosa discovered her love of music through studying opera and music from the likes of Erykah Badu, The Police, Amy Winehouse, and Nina Simone. It wouldn’t be until she was 16 that she would upload her first single, “Myself”, to Spotify and hit the ground running. Her debut snagged the attention of many industry tastemakers such as Complex, EARMILK, and Wonderland Magazine. Since her debut Ella has released a number of singles and her YELLOW BLAZER EP, each garnering continued support from fans and industry movers alike.

“I wrote ‘Not Cute’ at the peak of a very formative turning point for me in my life and career. I was moving out of my house in LA (hence the first line ‘packing all these boxes’) and going into hibernation mode, which led me to spend a lot more time with my music. This pivot sparked a realization that my passion for R&B and pop had to be moved closer in the work I was releasing. This song, while it leans more towards the R&B side of things in pace, was my gateway towards the rest of the music of the EP; from smooth to bouncy and fun.” – Ella Rosa

While at this point in our week we are normally primed and ready to vibe with a high-energy club single, this time we are slowing down and appreciating the finer sides of electro. As an upcoming R&B and bedroom pop artist, Ella was stuck at the familiar crossroads that many creatives feel early on in their careers…where exactly does your artistry. After asking herself this question, Ella created “Not Cute”, documenting and commenting on her process of discovery and realization around her impatience in trying to uncover the answer. While it could be argued to be a lifelong journey, Ella captured that feeling of wonder and manipulated it into an electro-soul track. “Not Cute” is a soul-wrenching single that makes we fellow creatives want to take a step back and ponder the root of our creativity for a beat. Thanks Ella Rosa, there goes the rest of our day.

Make sure you check out “Not Cute” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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Photo by Callum Hutchinson

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