Breakout Artists Vylana Invites Listeners To Learn From Her Transformation in Debut Album “Goddess Rise”

When you finally dive down and make the plunge into the world of bass music, the more you are going to find more unique artists and projects that are ready to pop over the horizon. On our latest dive into the bass music world we are checking out Goddess Rise, the brand new album drop from Vylana. There is something about a breakout artist that is on the cusp of absolutely taking over the world, especially one as talented as Vylana. A singer, medicine woman, sound healer, Polynesian dancer, polysonic muse, or her favorite tag a “permission slip”, Vylana’s main goal is to become an artist whose music not only transcends the medium but also becomes a space free of judgment, where her listeners can be their true authentic selves. In times of major changes and transformations,Vylana pleads that it is okay for someone to want to be loved, and any part of you deserves to find that love you’re searching for. While Vylana has already introduced herself to the world via her first two singles “Phoenix” and “Out of Exile”, Goddess Rise is going to be her first major mark on the bass music world. 

“This is the album I wish I could have listened to when I was younger. It provides a map to a territory that I had to learn through my own heartbreak and self-abandonment. I’ve never done anything in my life I am more proud of, and I can’t wait to share this with the world. ” 


The more we experience the bass music world for ourselves and travel down its many different subgenres and niches, the more we appreciate the finer features within this world centered around sound design and atmosphere. For example, even though Goddess Rise is only five tracks long, each of these tracks serves as a “movement” for Vylana as she awakes from her pain and prepares to experience the next step in her transformation. The album, which in itself if deeply inspired by the sounds of the Eastern world,  is not only an example of a heroine’s journey but a cleverly disguised autobiography for the creator. Throughout all of these five “movements” Vylana invites the listener to come and learn something from her story, perhaps even start their own transformation for themselves. Regardless, we couldn’t agree more with how Vylana describes Goddess Rise herself: “This album is not just music, it is truth expressed through sound. It is vulnerable authenticity, invoked as an invitation to bravery”.

Make sure you check out Goddess Rise on Soundcloud below!

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Photography Credit: Kimberly Mufferi
Photography Credit: Kimberly Mufferi

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