Queer Artist + Performer Pat Reilly Drops 2nd Pop Electronic Single “Adamantine”

Let’s face it, the world is changing and while it may be on fire for some, people’s acceptance of someone’s sexuality is rising at a superb rate. Diving headfirst into the world of indie queer music we have “Adamantine”, the latest single from artist Pat Reilly. A true creative force any way you look at it, Pat Reilly is a talented singer, songwriter, actor, and overall performer that embraces his identity in any form. Incorporating his queer nature into his performances allows Reilly to explore heavy concepts of identity, sexuality, and sensitivity. Reilly weaves these conversations through the lens of funky R&B and modern pop electronica.

It’s my response to a lover who is trying too hard to be a good boyfriend, and ultimately suffocates the relationship. During quarantine I’ve lived with my partner and we’ve both had to figure out how we can have our own space during this time while also not being able to leave one another’s side. Through some tough conversations, we found a way to honor each other’s individuality, which gave breath to it so we can flow again.” – Pat Reilly

Officially Pat Reilly’s 2nd and final single off his upcoming debut EP, Prince of the Night,, “Adamantine” is an entertaining and energetic introduction to Pat Reilly’s sound. Through “Adamantine” we learn of Reilly’s struggle for the last year in isolation and his complicated approach to an over-bearing relationship. Combining elements from both indie electronic and modern RnB, Reilly creates a style that not only has us up and dancing but yearning to hear more of his story. Intimate yet spectacular in each facet, “Adamantine” heightens our expectations for Prince of the Night when it finally drops. Make sure you check out Prince of the Night in full once the album drops next week on Nov. 13th!

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