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Our Favorite Fusion Artists TEKE::TEKE Drop Final Single “Hoppe” and Full Album “Hagata”

After months and months of chaotic teasing, the next project is finally out on the airwaves. On our latest peek into the world of fusion, we are checking out “Hoppe” and Hagata, the latest releases from TEKE::TEKE. Originally formed as a tribute band for the legendary Takeshi Terauchi, TEKE::TEKE discovered their chemistry and quickly chucked their original cover sets out the window and adapted to a new sound. Based out of Montreal, TEKE::TEKE combines elements of traditional Japanese ballads with Brazillian psychedelic rock and punk music to make an original sound that only TEKE::TEKE could craft. Consistently fighting against genre norms and expanding their boundaries as musicians, TEKE::TEKE has created a magically terrifying musical universe that deserves the grow and envelop the world. Let the chaos ensue. “Meikyu” is the latest single off their upcoming debut album Shirushi, which will be dropping in full on May 7th. TEKE::TEKE even performed in a slot during this year’s SXSW Online festival!

“I always thought of ‘Hoppe’ as having a bit of a 90’s vibe, maybe the Fugazi in me (but with Maya’s delirious tale about an old man who’s cheeks fall off after eating a rice cake… ha, ha) so we tried to simply capture the raw and punk energy of the song and keep the camera moving, with a fish-eye type lens.”  –  Sei Nakauchi Pelletier

With the latest single “Hoppe”, officially dropping just a few days prior to the album’s release, fans are able to snag one more peek before the whole package is right on our doorstep. The video accompanying the track, created by the band themselves, showcases TEKE::TEKE’s distinctive visual style, which seamlessly blends live action and animation. This visual technique was previously explored in their music videos for singles like “Garakuta” and “Gotoku Lemon.” It serves as a visual counterpart to the band’s music, enhancing the overall experience for the audience. In terms of sound, the track delves into the grittier and more aggressive post-punk elements of TEKE::TEKE’s musical repertoire. The guitars possess a cutting edge, and the horn arrangements add an extra layer of intensity to the composition. Meanwhile, vocalist Maya Kuroki weaves one of her trademarks Kafkaesque fables through the lyrics. Her storytelling style is enigmatic and thought-provoking, drawing listeners into a realm where reality and illusion intertwine.

As the video unfolds, it features men emerging from mysterious foods, adding to the surreal and intriguing nature of the visuals. Towards the end, the video delivers a stark admonishment: “There’s no such thing as ‘Forever,’ that’s the way it is / A broken illusion eats up the earth completely.” This message, though cryptic, conveys a powerful truth about the transient nature of existence.

With Hagata, TEKE::TEKE pushes beyond the conventional notion of walking across multiple paths. Instead, they fully embrace the space in between, defying the usual constraints of creativity. Their music becomes a manifestation of the boundless potential that lies within the interstitial spaces, where genres merge and artistic expressions intersect. It is in this liminal realm that TEKE::TEKE thrives, inviting listeners to embark on a transformative journey through their evocative and otherworldly music.

Sei Nakauchi Pelletier — Guitar, synth, percussion and additional vocals
Hidetaka Yoneyama — Guitar and back vocals
Mishka Stein — Bass, synth, percussion, guitar and back vocals
Ian Lettre — Drums, percussion, synth, piano and back vocals
Etienne Lebel — Trombone, gaida, percussion and back vocals
Yuki Isami – Flute, shinobue, taisho koto, synth and back vocals
Maya Kuroki — Vocals and guitar

TEKE::TEKE Live Dates:
June 24           Ottawa, ON @ Ottawa Jazz Festival
July 7               Montreal, QC @ Montreal International Jazz Festival
July 9               Sudbury, ON @ Northern Lights Festival Boréal
July 14             Quebec City, QC @ Festival Été Quebec
Aug 11             Regina, SK @ Regina Folk Festival
Aug 19             Salmon Arm, BC @ Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Fest
Sept 2              Manchester, UK @ Manchester Psych Fest
Sept 3              Dorset, UK @ End of the Road Fest

Make sure you check out “Hoppe” on YouTube below and the full Hagata album on Spotify!

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