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Multi-instrumentalist Decadon Releases Deeply Personal, 20-Track Bass-Rock Fusion Album “Lovely Destruction”

Right out of the gate, Decadon make it evidently clear that this one isn’t for the faint of heart. On our latest visit to Create Music Group we are checking out “Lovely Destruction”, the debut album drop from Decadon. Decadon, the stage name of Donnie Miller, emerges as a dynamic force in dance music, blending the raw intensity of rock with the pulsating rhythms of bass music. Originating from Denver, Colorado, Miller’s self-taught mastery of multiple instruments, coupled with a keen interest in technology, propelled him into the realm of electronic dance music. He garnered substantial support from industry heavyweights like The Chainsmokers, Excision, and Diplo, while his collaborations with unconventional figures such as Riff Raff and Hulk Hogan underscore his boundary-pushing approach. Decadon’s live performances, characterized by the fusion of DJ sets with live guitar, create an electrifying experience for audiences, captivating them with his innovative sound and dynamic stage presence. With his latest album, Decadon solidifies his position as a pioneer in the convergence of rock and bass music, promising a future marked by continued innovation and sonic exploration.

This body of work is extremely important to me because it was something my father and I talked about putting together for years. I always wanted my debut album to really show both sides of the music I love. There’s beauty in destruction, even though it’s tougher to see, it’s there. The album truly reaches across a wide range of sounds, I’m so proud of it. This album started as a collection of a few songs I had written very soon after losing my father in 2020. It was my therapy, and then as the music started to flow more and build upon one another, I started seeing a body of work forming.” – Decadon

Las Vegas-based artist Decadon unveils his debut full-length album “Lovely Destruction,” a deeply personal musical odyssey spanning 20 tracks that encapsulate his unique sonic identity. Known for his innovative fusion of dubstep, melodic bass, and rock influences, Decadon crafts a dynamic body of work that defies genre boundaries. From the haunting ambiance of “Fragile State of Mind” to the electrifying blend of punk-rock lyricism and pulsating bass in “My Ever After,” each track on the album showcases his versatility and emotional depth.

The creation of “Lovely Destruction” was a three-year endeavor, marked by the profound loss of Decadon’s father in 2020. Throughout the album, Decadon channels his grief and emotions into a cathartic musical journey, with each composition serving as a poignant reflection of his personal struggles and triumphs. As the album culminates with the poignant resonance of “Save Me,” there is a palpable sense of healing and redemption, echoing the transformative process that Decadon underwent in bringing his music to fruition. Through “Lovely Destruction,” Decadon invites listeners to join him on an emotional voyage, offering solace and catharsis amidst the complexities of life’s journey.

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