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Bay Area Singer/Songwriter Frank Ivy Teases New 3 Track EP With New Synth-Pop Single “New State of Mind”

For those who have been missing quality synth in music, just take one look at the indie world and you’ll be satisfied. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “New Start of Mind”, the latest drop from Frank Ivy. Hailing from our local Bay Area, Frank Ivy is no stranger to the music world with over two decades as a professional musician. While his latest solo venture began back in 2018, over the course of his career he’s been a bandmate, a producer, and a songwriter just to name a few. Just before embarking on his own, Ivy co-wrote his biggest commercial hit “Dance Around The Fire” with his previous band Why These Coyotes, netting over 10 million streams across all platforms. Over the last four years, Frank Ivy has released about a dozen songs, each finding a different corner of the indie world to thrive in.

“It’s a hopeful and exciting up-tempo record about moving on from the past, and not letting anything hold you back. We zoom out and start thinking about fate, purpose and the perception of time.” – Frank Ivy

Can we just admit that we are loving the fact that synths in indie-pop are on the cusp of a revival? While this may be our introduction to the work of Frank Ivy, “New State of Mind” is the first installment of a three-song track pack that is due out in full in March. “New State of Mind” is filled to the brim with whimsy and positive vibes, while at the same time showcasing a sense of personal reflection. Frank Ivy captures the idea that “life is enjoyable and mysterious, yet difficult to navigate” and compresses it into a single track. Ivy’s sound catches our attention as well, as he strikes a proper balance between psychedelic pop and nu-disco that just hits us at many different levels. You can tell that Frank Ivy is a veteran of the business, and we can’t wait to hear the rest of this song pack once it drops in full.

Make sure you check out “New State of Mind” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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