2ND FEATUREElectropopIndependent

Bay Area Singer/Songwriter Frank Ivy Teases New 3 Track EP With New Synth-Pop Single “New State of Mind”

For those who have been missing quality synth in music, just take one look at the indie world and you’ll be satisfied. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “New Start of Mind”, the latest …

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2ND FEATUREElectropopIndependentIndiePop

Rising Italian Star Matilde G Shares Triumphant Pop Anthem “Hypocrite”

We love having an outlet and a web of discovery in place for new musicians because almost every week we have an artist that tickles our interest enough to push past the first barrier to entry and be featured. On …

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2ND FEATUREDanceElectronicElectropopUltra Records

Cash Cash Signs with Ultra Records and Makes Triumphant Return with 1st Single After Almost Two-Year Break – “Anyway,” Featuring RuthAnne

We don’t often have the change to cover an artist/act that helped mold our musical tastes growing up, so we have to jump at any chance we get. On our latest visit to Ultra Records we are checking out “Anyway”, …

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2ND FEATUREDharmaElectronicElectropop

New Duo 2Awake Debuts With Disco-Inspired House Tune “Wanna See You Dance” on KSHMR’s Dharma Label

As the world turns, you find yourself at multiple crossroads in your career and what you choose will alter your path. On our latest visit to Dharma Worldwide we are checking out “Wanna See You Dance”. the latest from 2Awake. 

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2ND FEATUREElectronicElectropopPurple Fly

BLVD. Releases His 2nd Studio Album “Globo” – a World Cup Themed Body of Work Featuring Guaynaa, R.City, Dylan Fuentes, and more

Even though we might be boycotting the World Cup on a personal level doesn’t mean we can’t showcase an artist’s work surrounding the event. On our latest visit to Purple Fly we are checking out Globo, the lastest drop from …

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2ND FEATUREDanceElectronicElectropop

Triple Threat Amber Ryann Releases New Emotionally Honest Album “Even When It Falls Apart”

When you are a triple threat like today’s artist, the expectations are high for any project you release. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out EVEN WHEN IT FALLS APART. the latest drop from Amber

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2ND FEATUREElectronicElectropopPurple FlyTechno

Sevenn Returns To Purple Fly with Cinematic Fusion of Hybrid Techno and Pop – “Running From Love” With BIGMOO and Sarah De Warren

You may have some great success in today’s day in age releasing all of your music by yourself, yet once the Purply Fly lands it is a bit difficult to escape. On our latest visit over to Purple Fly we …

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2ND FEATUREDanceElectronicElectropopSpinnin' Records

R3HAB Remakes Daddy Yankee’s Famed Latin Pop Hit Into Your Newest Party Anthem “Mas Gasolina”

We leave today’s artist alone just for a little bit and he’s back into recoating other singles. On our latest visit over to Spinnin’ Records we are checking out “Mas Gasolina”, the latest from R3HAB, Ryan Arnold, and N.F.I. R3HAB

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2ND FEATUREDanceElectronicElectropopSmash the House

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Bring To Life Timeless 90s Classic In The Form of New Single “Fuego,” with Internationally Famed Singer Kim Loaiza

Even though we’ve been looking into this industry for quite some time, we’re still surprised when a well-known act decides to try something from left field. On our latest visit over to Smash The House we are checking out “Fuego”, …

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