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Pioneers of Low-tempo Electronic “Car Music” – HEDEGAARD, CANCUN? and Matt Hawk, Join Forces on “OneHundred” Single – Neat Fusion of EDM and Rap/Hip-Hop Leading The Namesake Label’s “Car Music Vol. 1” Compilation

While we still might be new to the world of HEDEGAARD, we are feeling deeper and deeper with every release. On our latest visit to OneHundred we are checking out “OneHundred”, the latest from HEDEGAARD, CANCUN?, and Matt Hawk. HEDEGAARD

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2ND FEATUREElectronica/DubstepSpinnin' Records

Inventor of Lowtempo EDM Dubbed “Car Music” – HEDEGAARD, Unleashes His Hard-Hitting “INFERNO / Ratchets” EP With Jaw-Dropping 3D Visuals. Out Now on His Very Own OneHundred Label under Spinnin’ Records

The fact that we haven’t fully absorbed and appreciated “car music” is something that needs to change. On our latest visit to Spinnin’ Records we are checking out INFERNO / Ratchets, the latest drop from HEDEGAARD. HEDEGAARD, a prominent …

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