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Multi-Platinum Artist Alan Walker, Iconic Group Dash Berlin and Gaming Phenom Vikkstar Release Their Uplifting Masterpiece “Better Off (Alone Pt. III)”

There are singles that are so monumentally important to the community that they need to be preserved and admired for decades onward. On our latest visit to MER Recordings we are checking out “Better Off (Alone Pt. III)”, the latest from Alan Walker, Dash Berlin, and Vikkstar. Alan Walker, a 25-year-old Norwegian producer and DJ, has a massive following on social media with over 115 million followers and billions of streams and views on his music. He gained fame with his debut hit single “Faded,” and has since collaborated with many artists and released a chart-topping album called “Different World.” Alan has played over 700 headlining shows and festivals to date and released his third album, “Walkerverse Pt. I & II,” in 2022.

Teaming up with Dash Berlin and Vikkstar for ‘Better Off (Alone Pt. III)‘ has been a creative whirlwind. We’ve reimagined a beloved 90s gem, infusing it with a contemporary twist that’s bound to resonate with fans old and new. This collaboration embodies the magic of music – a fusion of nostalgia and innovation.” – Alan Walker

Proud to be a part of this momentous team up with dance music icon Alan Walker and legendary YouTube phenomenon Vikkstar, together with Dash Berlin producers Seb & Eelke celebrating 25 years of their monster hit ‘Better Off Alone‘. Reborn and reworked as a magical future classic as part of Alan Walker‘s celebrated ‘Alone‘ saga, ready to make the whole world sing along with us once again.” – Ryan Fieret from Dash Berlin

Dance music has been something I’ve loved for over a decade, simply as a fan. Meanwhile, attending festivals all over the world, from Tomorrowland to EDC Las Vegas to Ultra Music Festival in MiamiAlan and I have been friends for over five years, always making an effort to meet up whenever we’re in the same country. He encouraged me to venture outside my comfort zone and start DJing firstly, then to experiment with music production. Being able to work on this project with a close friend has been a great experience, with lots to learn. I’ve been quietly producing & working on my own music. I’m very excited that my first-ever release will be a collaboration not only with Alan but also with Dash Berlin. Both artists have a legendary reputation and it’s been an honor to join them.” – Vikkstar

“Better Off (Alone Pt. III)” is a remarkable musical collaboration that brings together Norwegian superstar Alan Walker, seasoned producers Dash Berlin, and British gaming sensation Vikkstar to revive one of the 90s’ iconic dance tracks. This unique project combines the original track’s catchy vocals, notably featuring the “I think you better come along” lyric, with contemporary elements like progressive melodies and euphonious basslines, creating a fusion of past and present in electronic dance music. Notably, this release is the third installment in Alan Walker’s “Alone” series, which began in 2016, emphasizing a message of positivity and unity that encourages listeners to support one another, both on and off the dance floor.

In “Better Off (Alone Pt. III),” the artists not only breathe new life into a classic but also deliver a powerful message of solidarity. This collaboration transcends musical boundaries, reminding us that music can unite people from diverse backgrounds. It underscores the enduring impact of music in bridging generations and fostering a sense of connection and togetherness in our ever-changing world.

Make sure you check out “Better Off (Alone Pt. III)” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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