Montreal Psy-Rockers Elephant Stone Announce New EP With Trippy New Single “La Fuss Du Chagrin”

It’s only the first month of 2022 and we are already diving deep into the psych music pool. On our latest visit to our Northern neighbors, we are checking out “La Fuss Du Chagrin”, the latest single from Elephant Stone. Based out of Montreal, this modern psy-rock band was created by musician Rishi Dhir as a different creative outlet. After performing with bands such as The Datsons and The High Dials, Dhir discovered his love for the sitar and telling his personal experiences, thus giving birth to Elephant Stone. Dhir quickly made a name for himself as a renowned sitar player, collaborating with the likes of Beck, and legendary cult bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Dream Syndicate, and many more. Elephant Stone has been active since releasing their first album in 2009, and with their new EP on the horizon, fans of psych-rock need to take notice.

The song is about M. Lonely boarding a rocketship to the moon… so I felt that the music should be high intensity, while also ebbing and flowing with the journey. I am sci-fi obsessed, so, as in the past with ‘Andromeda’, I included a snippet of audio from NASA for the intro and the middle section – maybe you can decipher the morse code?” – Elephant Stone

When you pair a particular single with a new album/EP announcement, that paired single gets pushed under a microscope. Since the current psych music scene is such an expansive landscape, songs like “La Fuss Du Chagrin” continue to surprise us with its absurdity and chaotic nature. “La Fuss Du Chagrin” tells the story of the EP’s titular character M. Lonely and his initial journey out of our world and onto his interstellar journey.  While the track is a trippy experience to begin with, the combination of Dhir’s sitar with both modern indie-pop and psych-pop elements creates a unique sound that is hard to forget. Make sure you check out the full EP, Le voyage de M. Lonely dans la lune, when it drops onto your favorite streaming platforms on February 18th.

Makes sure you check out “La Fusee Du Chagrin” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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