Copenhagen’s Rock Band Communions Drops 3rd Single “Cupid”, Announce “Pure Fabrication” LP Out April 23rd!

While many in the industry recognize that grunge rock thrived in the ’90s, we are still seeing the after-effects of the genre’s golden years today. On our latest dive into the indie rock world we are checking out “Cupid”, the newest single from the indie rock band Communions. Based out of Copenhagen, these indie rockers have been busy honing their skills over the last year, all busy preparing for their new album. Formed all the way back in 2014 by brothers Martin & Mads Rehof and Jacob van Deurs Formann & Frederik Lind Köppen,  Communions immediately hit the ground running with their debut EP Cobblestones. Gaining plenty of local buzz for the EP, the band would later follow up with a 7″ and a second EP that both aid in creating the foundation for the Communions core sound. Now seven years deep into their career and preparing for their sophomore album, this Danish act is ready to introduce their indie rock sound to the masses willing to listen. You can check out their new LP Pure Fabrication when it drops in full on April 23rd over on Tambourhinoceros. 

“The album’s preoccupation with change and instability, a red thread that’s established on ‘Bird Of Passage’, is mirrored in the progression of the songs themselves, as themes shapeshift and take on new points of departure from one story to the next. For instance, the romantic notion of love on ‘Cupid’ morphs into a skewed, addictive and possessive kind of love on ‘Splendour’. – Martin Rehof

Since “Cupid” is the official third single from the groups upcoming album, the track helps expand upon Pure Fabrication core facets. Through the album, Communions explores themes of instability, change, freedom, and identity via a reverse coming of age story. While their previous single “Bird of Passage” introduces the listener to these themes, “Cupid” is where the band puts them fully on display. Detailing the feeling of naive love and freedom, “Cupid” starts off the album’s story with a solid yet fun indie-rock gem. Blending modern euro-rock with elements from both grunge and 2000s indie rock, “Cupid” highlights Communions’s expertise with delicate melodies and addictive guitar licks.  As we snag a clearer picture of just what exactly the story of Pure Expectation is going to be, we can say we have a hopeful outlook for the full collection when it drops late next month.

Make sure you check out “Cupid” on YouTube below!

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