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UK Post-Punk Act Public Body Drops “Naughty On My Bike”, a Statement at UK Public Transit

When you are stuck within the confines of the 9-5 workplace, your creativity can be stifled and feel unfulfilled. Once you break free, however, you can embrace your new take on life. This week we are heading across the ocean over to the UK for “Naughty On My Bike” a brand new single from the post-punk UK project Public Body. Founded back in late 2018 by guitarist and vocalist Seb Gilmore, guitarist Theo Verney, bassist Joe Stevens, and drummer Thom Mills, Public Body was carefully created to serve as a break from our dreary day to day jobs. One simple look at their mission statement tells us everything we need to know: “write the perfect soundtrack to whatever you do whilst procrastinating at your day job.” The Band has been spending the last year obtaining a foothold in the Brighton rock scene, with Public Body steadily rising through the ranks.

“It’s a song dedicated to the humble bicycle. Naughty On My Bike openly criticises the public transport system as being over priced and sluggish. Walking, being the green option, is slower still. In cycling we find balance between speed and convenience.” – Public Body

Consistently putting the details of modern life under the microscope, Public Body’s latest single “Naughty On My Bike” moves Brighton’s transportation system into its crosshairs. Coming from their almost erratic earlier works, the band dials in their sound and focuses on allowing all of their energy to flow throughout the track. Both guitarists Seb and Theo show off their skills on the strings, with wry yet enjoyable guitar work being the main star of the show. However, drummer Thron had his work cut out for him, as “Naughty On My Bicycle” has plenty of percussion to keep up the high energy. The track serves as a direct response to the public transport system, said in just enough words to get their point across. If you are in need of a dose of new post-punk music, flip on over to Public Body repertoire.

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