LGTBQ+ Rock Duo MAN ON MAN Release Confident New Single “1983”, Debut Album Announcement!

With the increased acceptance of LGTBQ+ around the world, talented queer artists are coming out of the fray and introducing their talent to the world. On our latest dive into the world of alternative music we are checking out “1983”, the newest single from duo MAN ON MAN. Bursting fresh onto the scene back in 2020 with their acclaimed hit “Daddy” and “Baby, You’re My Everything”, MAN ON MAN are quickly becoming leaders on the forefront of this latest evolution of queer music. M.O.M has already made waves in the digital space, having the music video for their debut single “Daddy” being removed on YouTube for violating their “Sex and Nudity” policy. However, none of these elements existed, so YouTube publically apologized and shined a spotlight on their identities as queer artists. M.O.M will not be silenced and will keep elevating what we know as modern gay music.

“We found the concept of outdoor cruising and anonymous hookups particularly interesting in this barren chapter of history,” shares the band. “While sex apps have nearly obliterated IRL hookups and the pandemic currently forbids human contact, “1983” is a heartfelt homage to an era that glorified danger, anonymous encounters and sex positivity.”

“We worked with Steven Harwick (Macy Rodman, Kembra Pfahler, Christeene) in our first video with a collaborating director and set out to achieve a visually wild and vibrant palette inspired by references of a bygone sexual revolution. CRUISING, CHRISTIANE F and the work of Alvin Baltrop are all cited as influences of complicated and often times problematic and challenging voices of outsider liberation in the piece. The outdoor scenes in the video were shot in the notorious Vale of Cashmere, the section of Prospect Park in Brooklyn that’s been an outdoor cruising destination since the 1970’s.” – MAN ON MAN

What piqued our interest about “1983” is that while you could just look at the track on it’s surface and gauge based on a more immediate reaction, if you listen to the music you would be surprised at what you find. Moving past traditional genre borders and musical stylings, “1983” blends elements of alternative gay pop and indie rock that reminds us of classic rock gems. More importantly, “1983” exudes confidence in its identity and role, not shying away from what exactly the track and music video is trying to be. In a time where it is difficult for love to thrive due to the pandemic, it is hard not to be enraptured by MAN ON MAN’s story of love and fiery passion. On top of everything, the track is genuinely funny and made us chuckle. If it can gain that kind of response out of our cold hearts, we have to spread the word.

Make sure you keep an eye on MAN ON MAN’s debut album drop, which will drop fully on May 7th!

Make sure you check out the music video for “1983” on YouTube below and pre-order the debut album here:

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