Marie-Clo Closes Out Her “Shell(e)” Trilogy With the Bright and Optimistic “Shell(e) Pt III”

As a creative person, you shouldn’t be surprised when your creative influences shift and you find yourself pursuing a new passion. On our latest visit to the world of Canadian music we are checking out “Play Nice” and Shell(e) Pt III, the latest releases from the talented Marie-Clo. Originally starting her artistic career as a dancer for numerous musicals on the global stage, but pivoted when she discovered music production as her true passion. In 2017, Marie-Clo won TFO’s pan-Canadian tv search for francophone artists Planète BRBR and was given carte blanche to participate at the Granby International Song Festival 2018, as well as at the Petite- Vallée Song Festival 2018. Now with multiple drops under her belt and plenty of buzz, Marie-Clo is preparing the airwaves for her official full debut. Marie-Clo is currently teasing a brand new series of EPs, known as the Shell(e), that will fully be released in 2021.

While Marie-Clo originally popped on our radar when we featured Shell(e) Pt I last year, Shell(e) Pt III is quite the departure. Compared to the darker and more introspective tone of the first two parts of this series, Shell(e) Pt III is a much more positive and uplifting experience with a brighter outlook on the future. Marie-Clo uses the Shell(e) series to retell the story of the birth of the phoenix, with Shell(e) Pt III being the phoenix reborn, rising from the ashes. The new themes are best embodied in the core elements of the EP’s closing track “Play Nice”, a complete indie-pop gem that deserves all of the attention. Untamed, groovy, and filled to the brim with positive vibes of free will, the track closes out the Shell(e) trilogy on a bright note, held up high by Marie-Clo. Make sure you check out the Shell(e) trilogy LP coming out in March 2021!

Make sure you check out Shell(e) Pt III on Soundcloud below!


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