No Raver Left Behind. Carnage Gives 1000 Free Tickets to Heavyweight Royal Rumble Amid Ultra’s Cancellation

Just because you have become successful and famous in your craft in the public eye, doesn’t mean you lose your humanity. Today we have quite and interesting piece of news from Heavyweight Records label boss Carnage, who has come up with a solution to UMF’s cancellation. This Vegas-based producer made himself a pioneer in the hard bass and trap communities, finding his strive quickly. Carnage was even one of the first major artists to incorporate hip-hop elements into his work, creating a hard bass and urban style. Carnage went on to create Heavyweight Records in 2017, surrounding himself with crazily unique producers in the hardcore and hip-hop genres.

With the fears of the Coronavirus pandemic running wild, more and more large events are being canceled. For the first time in the festival’s 22 year run, the Ultra Music Festival has been officially postponed until 2021 and is the first music festival on American soil to cancel plans due to COVID-19. This is obviously a major disappointment for ravers around the world, especially since an official refund doesn’t look to be on the horizon. However, Carnage decided that he could help ease the pain, leaving no raver behind in the process. Carnage is giving out 1000 free tickets to his label Heavyweight Royal Rumble, helping out ravers in need. In order to snag one of these tickets, all you have to do is shoot Carnage a text 702 718 2004 to find out how to register for free tickets! An act of kindness is rare enough as it is, but on this magnitude? It doesn’t happen often enough.

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