Who Said Folk Can’t Evolve? Neo-Folk Singer Tex Moonlight Pioneers “Americanica” in Debut Album “Moonlight”

We may be pushing the electronic narrative, but we are children of music itself and love every genre. The latest artist to dive into our DMs this week is Tex Moonlight with “Soft Blue Lights”, a taste from his most recent album Moonshot. Growing up in Baltimore, Tex had his first taste of independent music in the local scene, learning to blend his music with the audience. As a result of the audience and the variety of tastes, Tex began to experiment and discover his own style to stand out from the crowd. Finding his sound in classic folk-rock roots with the assistance of modern electronic, Tex created the “Americanica” label that fits beautifully. After taking a few headliner positions with various acts in New York City, Tex finally sparked his own path down the solo trail.

Now on the solo path, Tex jumped into the studio to craft his debut album. Diving into this new “Americanica” pool, Moonlight gives audiences a chance to look in on Tex’s artistic space. Taking this chance to be vulnerable through his notes, Tex uses tracks like “Soft Blue Lights” to essentially step into the public forum and have a moment of introspection.  “Nostalgia can linger like ghosts in your psyche,” Tex asserts. “But I wouldn’t consider these reflections morbid…these days I’m swimming in gratitude.” Through the use of neo-folk, Tex Moonlight has taken would have been a simple folk album and repainted it for the modern age.  Nothing quite explains the place you reach when you finally nail that fusion style you crave.

 “Nothing turns me on quite like getting a whacked-out break-beat looped under a pedal steel.” – Tex Moonlight

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Tex Moonlight

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