ESCPE Entices You To Have Your Own Surrealist Journey in New EP “Cloud Walk”

The concept of reality has always been rather subjective, as many believe that what actually counts as reality is whatever you immerse yourself in. On our latest visit over to Gravitas Recordings, we were able to check out Cloud Walk, the latest EP from ESCPE. A very talented musician in his own right, ESCPE encourages listeners to dislodge from their current reality and come and exist in their own universe with Cloud Walk as their guide. ESCPE has been making plenty of waves, having joined CharlesTheFirst’s The Ascent Tour in 2019 for three shows, and a sweet collaboration with CloZee on her track “Rain Dance”. Both David Beckham and Adidas have even licensed one of ESCPE’s songs to be used in an add for their “Capsule Collection”.

Including five original productions as well as a collaboration with the talented Axel Thesleff, Cloud Walk is a solid score to your own introspective journey throughout your own universe. The EP begins with the “Dawn”, subtly setting the stage for your journey into the decadent soundscape that ESCPE lays within your grasp. The track flows directly into “Dusk”, which dusts away the trimmings of “Dawn” and inserts you into a more tribal and earthy state. This euphoric state of mind continues throughout the rest of the album, every single track tweaking your experience until it finalizes your personal journey and lulls you back to your current reality. A luxurious and intriguing project, Cloud Walk needs to be in your rotation but not to be listened to but to be experienced.

Make sure you check out Cloud Walk on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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