Innovative Producer TRZTN Drops New Electro Single “Black Exit”, New Album in 2021!

Music as a medium has limitless possibilities and the exploration of its limits is a thrilling experience. In today’s dive into the electric pool we have “Black Exit”, the latest single from Paris-based producer TRZTN. Born in Portugal but spending his time continent jumping from Brazil and New York City, TRZTN’s love for electronic music took a unique form, in the way of electronic sound design. Now based in Paris, TRZTN has created music for brands such as Nike, DiorChanel, and The Creator’s Project to name a few as well as a psychological horror film currently in development. TRZTN  is no stranger to the music scene, as he even fronted the industrial no-wave band Flux Information Sciences. 

Exploration is the act of searching for the purpose of discovery; to me the album represents just that. I took those projects with me all over the world; Canada, Spain, France. Taking a dig at each of them in different studios. Producing this album became a story in itself,” he explains. “Finding the songs’ core identity, and never taming them too much so that life could breathe through them, yet taming enough so that they would feel deliberate – was my sweet spot.” – TRZTN

Now with a unique opportunity in his grasp, TRZTN decided to explore the limitless world of electronic music by crafting an entire album with his electro sound design on display. While the album, Royal Dagger Ballet, won’t be out in full until Jan. 22nd we snagged our first taste here with the album’s first single “Black Exit”. Equally edgy and mesmerizing, TRZTN’s intricate mastery of electro weaves a thin surreal layer over the track’s core elements. The fine blend of drum machines, modern electronics, and synthesizers creates an experimental allure that entices the listener for just another play in their rotation. The accompanying music video enhances this mesmerizing effect, using a liquid form to consistently morph along with the track. This may be our first introduction to the world of TRZTN, but we can definitely say we will put the album on blast when it drops early next year.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Black Exit” on YouTube below and on Spotify or Apple Music!

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Photo Credit: Todd fisher
Photo Credit: Todd fisher

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