Anthony Kalabretta Drops “Terracota”, Melodic House Single From Debut EP

This might be an official debut EP, but from a veteran of the music industry. On our latest visit to Physical Presents, we were treated to “Terracotta” a brand new track from new artist Anthony Kalabretta. An aged soul in the music industry, Kalabrettaa started off early in his career as a music engineer starting from the bottom. Launching his career back in 2016, Kalabretta dropped the genre boundary-breaking “Basic” and found his taste for the artist side of the music world. Kalabretta never found that he had to color within the genre lines and this is clear just from one look at his influences such as MGMT, The Strokes, and Justice. He isn’t just a producer anymore, even dipping into the film score world with directors Chad Peter (“Mr. Robot”) and Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars).

Just one click of the play button gives you a complete idea of the Kalabretta style on display. The multitude of years of behind the scenes work makes “Terracotta” feel much more sophisticated than it actually is. Officially the first single leading up to Kalabretta’s debut EP, “Terracotta” is the result of an interesting blend of modern vocal and dream pop. Kalabretta’s vocal performance is filled with an overflowing amount of soul, where you can feel the emotion in every note. The dreamy toplines might take the front stage, but the gentle bass rolls throughout the entire production. If anything, we now know that we need the rest of this EP out already.

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