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Alt Pop Punk Artist trubbleboy Releases Emotionally Charged New Single “Baby Ur Dead 2 Me”

When you’ve encountered an intense obstacle in your way and need a way to channel the negative feelings you’re experiencing…why not write a song? On our latest peek into the indie rock world we are checking out “Baby Ur Dead 2 Me”, a brand new single from trubbleboy. Created as an alter ego by musician Sam Braddy, trubbleboy was born after a high school friend caught Braddy sketching out his own “trouble cloud”. This cloud was a mass of dark feelings and energy that followed Braddy throughout the years, always serving as a barrier between him and the rest of the world. To combat this feeling of loneliness, Braddy began learning drums at age 11 and later became a multi-instrumentalist by the end of high school. While finding his musical footing,, trubbleboy caught the attention of Bright Antenna Records who signed him earlier this year.

“I felt a lot of isolation growing up, I was depressed. I kind of found refuge in music. I didn’t want to hang out with anybody. I didn’t want to make any friends.I didn’t want to really let people in. I felt like the only way I could be honest was when I was writing music. I picked up the guitar and it felt right.” – trubbleboy

Let’s face it, some a musician’s greatest songs can come out of a place of sadness and grief. This latest addition to the trubbleboy camp, “Baby Ur Dead 2 Me”, is no different. Fueled by betrayal after his ex-girlfriend slept with his best friend and hiding the releaitonship for months, this single is trubbleboy’s way of coping with the break of trust. Already having trust issues from his tumutulous childhood, the feelings and strain that trubbleboy is feeling screams through the notes of “Baby Ur Dead 2 Me”. allowing listeners a gateway into his mind to share even the smallest bit of the experience. Honest and real, trubbleboy is giving this variant of pop punk the love it deserves and we hope to see more from trubbleboy very soon!

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