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Prog Rock Duo TUNNEL Drop Experimental “Super Charged Powerball” The Surreal Side of Music

Sometimes the best bands are created on a simple whim with plenty of chemistry. Today’s dive into the indie scene is on “Super Charged Powerball”, the latest single by Montreal duo TUNNEL. Originally formed back in 2013, TUNNEL was the result of an impromptu improvised show with guitarist François Jalbert and drummer Kevin Warren. Just like that, chemistry was formed and the duo began talks of recording their first album. A year later, TUNNEL dropped their debut Don’t Go Straight EP and flashed their progressive rock style onto the masses of Montreal. While both Jalbert and Warren came from the established jazz scene, TUNNEL’s sound derives more from the likes of Pink Floyd and Boards of Canada with an added dose of punk rock.

Over the last two years, TUNNEL has been incredibly busy mastering their craft and cranking out new music. These new tracks culminated into the duo’s first official album, Out For a While, that just released a few weeks ago. Out For a While shows exactly how far TUNNEL has come since their humble improvised beginnings. The album features many of Montreal and Toronto’s prominent artists, setting TUNNEL’s influence in the growing scene.

Now knowing about their initial show, their style makes a hell of a lot more sense. Even though there is a severe lack of progressive rock in mainstream music right now (excluding Tool of course), we are thrilled to see independent artists embrace the genre. “Super Charged Powerball” is an experiment all in itself, going through the gambit of styles all under a mere four minutes. Blending the echoes of Pink Floyd with a dash of synthwave and chiptune, “Super Charged Powerball” is a surreal experimental in music that gives a look into the experimental side of music. Not everything has to be polished or professional, embrace the weird.

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