Songwriter Kandle Drop Two Raw Singles “How Can You Hurt Me” & “Little Bad Things”

While we do appreciate when time and care are put into a track, there are moments when we hold pure, raw honesty over everything else. In our latest dive into the indie pool, we are checking out “How Can You Hurt Me” and “Little Bad Things”, two brand new singles from British Columbia singer/songwriter Kandle. Growing up in BC with her father Neil Osborne, Kandle was able to experience the music industry from a rather unique perspective. Determined to move against the fray, Kandle made it clear that she has no desire to create disposable ear candy. She has no plans to chase playlist placements, as she simple just wants to tell her story.
Her latest project, Untitled, is her fourth venture into the studio to craft her own variation of magic. Recorded and mastered amidst the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kandle was determined to craft Untitled in the most minimalist way possible. Thanks to her dedication to the craft, Kandle actually had the majority of the album already written by the time they were due in the studio. London producer Michael Rendall tells us about their mentality going into the project:
“we cut each track and watched the magic of the players unfold,” “We recorded everything with an old-school mentality: as few microphones as possible and plenty of room tone. Each song gained its own personality, warts and all.” – Michael Rendall

The premise of the song is essentially about self preservation. Being completely abandoned by a great love with no explanation and thereafter seeking the cold comfort of an unobtainable, simple relationship inept of love. – Kandle

In order for us to get a sweet initial taste of Kandle’s Untitled album, she swung on by and dropped off two brand new singles to wet our appetite. Both “How Can You Hurt Me” and “Little Bad Things” show different sides of Kandle and her sound. Oozing with melancholy, both tracks show just how Kandle approaches telling her emotional story. Kandle proves that she doesn’t need an elaborate production to create the foundation of her delicate yet raw style. While both songs are fantastic in their own right, our preference is “How Can You Hurt Me”. While “Little Bad Things” feels almost optimistic, you can feel the anguish within each note in “How Can You Hurt Me”.  Make sure you keep an eye on Kandle so you can catch the rest of Untitiled when it drops soon!

Make sure you check out “How Can You Hurt Me” and “Little Bad Things” on Soundcloud below~

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