Sullivan King is Back to Set "Save the World" Aflame With His "Metalstep" Sound

Now this feels like a blast from the past, Let’s take a moment to appreciate those artists who are able to release projects on their own and still gain plenty of a following without an imprint’s infrastructure. This time around Sullivan King popped in to drop off his latest track “Save the World” to share to the world. We last covered King back in the final months of 2017, where we had high hopes for this upcoming “metalstep” artist. Our wishes didn’t fall on deaf ears, as King has been busy standing out from the crowd with his unique approach to electronic music. This approach has even garnered him respect and support from electronic powerhouses The Chainsmokers, Zed’s Dead, and DJ Snake.

One of the first electro house tracks I heard was Knife Party‘s remix of SHM‘s ‘Save The World‘ which was definitely a massive part of my intro into early 2010’s dance music. For years I wanted to find a way to make that song my own for live shows. I don’t play a lot of super well known Top 40 dance songs so when I end up throwing something like this in a set, I love giving it my own take. I toyed with ideas for this for over a year and wasn’t ever really jazzed on any of it. The day before the first show on this year’s Apex Tour with Excision, I wanted to bring something different into my sets. I finished this in about 3-4 hours and drove to Las Vegas for a show the next morning to test it out.” – Sullivan King

If you have been following our coverage for a while, you know that we are simply addicted to music that takes genres and smashes them together with force if need be. King has dropped by to do exactly that as he takes the epic Swedish House Mafia his “Save the World” and makes it his own. King doesn’t play by the rules, as he takes the original track and injects his dubstep and heavy metal instrumentals into its veins and watching as they overflow. King performs all instruments on this track as well as produces it, showcasing his wide range of talents. King is taking the rules of music genre and composition, throwing them into a garbage fire and lighting the match. All we can do is sit back and watch the flames dance.
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