Singer Songwriter Zack King Returns to the Pop-Punk Scene With Banger Single “Let’s Call It A Night”

As the next wave of pop-punk starts to roar its head again, we’ve got our boards ready to ride. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Let’s Call It A Night”, the latest drop from Zack King. Born and raised in Minnesota, Zack King was one of those children who were absolutely obsessed with music throughout their childhood. Even though this fascination with music would continue to grow and blossom as he grew older, it wouldn’t be until after graduating college that he turned it into a professional career. In 2020 King released his debut album Mess, a collection of songs that focused on the struggles of everyday life, relationships, and molding yourself into the person that you want to become. Even though King started off in the alt-rock world, he’s been quietly influenced by the sway and musical styling of Los Angeles with these days thriving in the world of pop rock and punk. Through his work with former Red One producer Eric Sanicola and Mixer Trevor Muzzy, King has one mission in mind…be a vulnerable artist that can weave enthralling stories through his music causing you to dance and pull on your heartstrings at the same time.

“Have you ever been so obsessed with someone to the point where you can’t sleep? And the only way to forget about them is by finding your way to the bottom of a bottle? “Let’s call it a Night” tells the story of exactly that – trying so hard to forget about someone so you can finally find peace.”- Zack King

The world of pop-punk is always an intriguing one to dive into, as you’re never exactly sure which niche you are going to resurface in. With King now having a handful of singles in the pop-punk world, we can firmly put him in relationships with a dose of mental anguish category. “Let’s Call It A Night” tells the story of a crush or past lover who has wormed their way into living in your head rent-free, Whether they are running through your mind as you have trouble sleeping or the reason you find yourself drinking alone, they are persistently there until you can wipe your mind for good. King explores this concept through his innocent yet traditional pop-punk vocals, taking center stage over a modern rock arrangement that syncs up perfectly with his message. “Let’s Call It A Night” is a solid addition to the Zack King repertoire and have no doubt that it will quickly become a fan favorite.

Make sure you check out “Let’s Call It A Night” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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