Talented Alternative Artist DYLYN Teases New EP With New Single “Only Us”

Music genres are umbrellas for a reason, anyone can make their own sound with just a little nudge in a certain direction. As we wade back into the indie world we find ourselves with “Only Us”, the latest single from DYLYN. Crafted by Gwendolyn Lewis, DYLYN learned early on in her life while living on the outskirts of Toronto. Hailing from a British father and a Chinese mother, DYLYN had an endless diet of 80s synth-rock to keep her company while she found her niche. Officially launching her career back in 2018, her debut single “Smoke” quietly became a sleeper hit and amassed over 100 million streams. Shout out to the Gacha Life anime community, who embraced the track within their community as a theme of family betrayal.

“Rock’n’roll is not the easy way, but it’s a freeing way, and it’s the way I want to live my life.There is truth in where you started, and then you veer off the road and come back to it and then really find it. That’s cultivating your sound the hard way.” – DYLYN

Once a minor pop star dropping dances singles that barely break on Billboard’s charts, DYLYN has finally found her sound that she can be proud of. The latest single from her upcoming EP, “Only Us” serves as a primary example of DYLYN’s newfound style, blending elements from electropop and alternative to create the DYLYN sound. Always an artist with something to say, DYLYN uses “Only Us” to explore her outlook on relationships and the struggles that come along with it. Even through the darkest of times, a perfect relationship can bloom and persevere. This may be just the first single from DYLYN’s next drop, but we can’t wait to check out the rest of the EP once it drops in 2021.

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