Alt Legends They Might Be Giants Release Their 23rd Album “BOOK”., Showing They Still Have It After 40 Years

With such a wide array of artists sorted into the same field as you, you have to make a giant splash to be alternative legends. On our latest peek into the alternative music world we are checking out BOOK,  the newest album from They Might Be Giants. Originally beginning as a Dial-A-Song service back in 1982, They Might Be Giants have become major players in the alternative music world over the last 39 years. With two Grammy’s under their belt as well as twenty-three albums in their discography, They Might Be Giants are seasoned veterans and leaders of the alternative world. If you haven’t explored any number of their albums, you’ve definitely heard their music through their numerous invasions of your TV, with original themes and incidental music to numerous shows and commercials  Fans of TMBG can actually experience their original Dial-A-Song through the FREE Dial-A-Song smartphone app (iPhone / Androidthat adds a new song every single day. They Might Be Giants have always been outside-of-the-box thinkers, and that is what makes their latest album drop so ambitious.

Being the 23rd album in the They Might Be Giants catalog, you’d think they would have run out of ideas at this point. However, BOOK isn’t just another album drop. BOOK is an expansion of TMBG’s world viewing, combining a 144-page full-color, cloth-bound hardcover book with a brand new full-length album! In addition to the book of BOOK, there will also be standalone audio releases available on vinyl, CD, and even cassette. BOOK on Tape! The original 8-track medium sold out in only a few minutes, and with over 10,000 pre-saves the fanbase is eager for BOOK to take over the airwaves. Now that BOOK is public, we can only say that this album is pure They Might Be Giants…showing off the fact that they haven’t lost it in their nearly 40-year career. Brilliantly catchy and littered with eclectic guitar riffs, we know that singles like “Moonbeam Rays” will be stock in our heads for the next week at least.

Make sure you check out BOOK on Spotify below!

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