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TRIGO Releases Sophomore “Primal” EP, A Fusion of Electronic Genres Into One True Experience

Have we officially found our world music maestro? On our latest visit over to Gravitas, we are checking out Primal, the latest release from TRIGO. With plenty of time under their belt, they have been carefully crafting the TRIGO moniker as they continue to grow and develop as an artist. Hailing from Denver CO, TRIGO discovered his love for DJing and music production back in the 2010s and grew his reputation as a DJ over the last 6 years. While he started in local clubs and bars in the surrounding area, TRIGO is carving out a piece for himself within the underground bass/wave music scene. A lover of the dubstep, trance, drum & bass, and early Metal/Rock communities, TRIGO combined his favorite elements into a big mixing bowl and the result? A brand new audio experience that only TRIGO could provide for those willing to push play. 

Since we dove deep into the realms of world and bass music last year, we’ve developed a deeper appreciation for artists like TRIGO who can form a diverse and living world with audio alone. Building upon what he learned with his debut EP, Primal takes the listener on a distorted journey into TRIGO’s electronic world, inviting them to stay awhile and enjoy the experience. Each of the six new tracks throughout Primal moves the listener through the journey, whether it is via more grandiose bass music like “Relic” or through a more dreamlike and glitchy scene like “Ancient Mysteries”. TRIGO truly widens his scope with Primal, showcasing a large sampling of sounds including beats from dubstep, bass music, psychadelic, hip-hop, and hard wave. Even though Primal is a true amalgamation of genres, TRIGO is able to hold it all together and transform it into one cohesive pice. Primal is definitely an EP that needs to be experienced, not just listened to.

Make sure you check out Primal on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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