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Lone Star Artist Crizzly Releases New Prismo Collab “Crunk and Wired”


Alright, we have had plenty of releases in the last week and we are winding down to our end…or are we? (Maybe)

Anyway, today we need to make room for Texan producer Crizzly. Boy, has Crizzly been busy this year (as well as the last couple), headlining major tours and festivals such as Ultra Miami, EDC Las Vegas, and SXSW just to name a few. Don’t limit Crizzly by just a few festivals however, as he as essentially spear-headed the entire Crunkstep genre. Oh, wait a minute. His career also has no plans of slowing down, as he has already been confirmed to provide direct support for Datsik 2017 Ninja Nation tour. Damn…keep busy my friend.

Now that we got introductions out of the way…who is ready for some CRUNKSTEP?!?! Yes, that is a thing. In an attempt to successfully make a track that could unite headbangers and bassheads, Crizzly has teamed up with fellow Texan native Prismo for his second official release of 2016, “Crunk and Wired.” Aggressive throughout, the track showcases Crizzly’s style, a blend of hip-hop influences and aggressive trap bass, that for some weird reason makes me want to listen to Angerfist. Not sure why. While the track may try a little too hard to be a new party anthem, it sure has become a song we at MiR can sling a few beers back to.

Are you ready to get “Crunk and Wired”? You can download the track for free over at

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