Fresh Montreal Producer Moe Chaieb Releases Groovy & Ambient Debut EP “Here You Can Leave Me”

One of the biggest benefits of having our foothold in so many different markets is that we have the opportunity to feature artists and styles that don’t normally pop up on our radar. On today’s latest dive into the indie world we are checking out Here You Can Leave Me, the official debut EP of Moe Chaieb. The incredibly fresh tale of Moe Chaieb is the prime example of how we never know exactly what life will throw at us and where our trajectory is headed. Growing up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with Algerian parents, Chaieb wouldn’t explore his musical side professionally until after immigrating to Canada once he was 18. Originally studying computer science at McGill University and pursuing a career as a software engineer, 2020 came knocking. During that summer, Chaieb made the decision to produce music full time, willing immersing himself in the world of groove and ambiance. In just the short year since stepping into the professional world, Chaieb dropped six releases including his debut EP Here You Can Leave Me, which will also have a short film accompanying the project direct by Chaieb himself.

With the rise of lo-fi and more ambient-inspired tracks of the years, we are excited to showcase an artist that toes the line and fuses both aspects together. While Chaieb may still be incredibly early on in his career, it is evidently clear that he has an understanding of what exactly makes his style work and how to enhance each instrument to its fullest. Inspired by the likes of hip hop, R&B, and house music, Chaieb discovered a happy medium where his synthy melodies can run wild and evoke as many different feelings within the listener as it can. While the entire Here You Can Leave Me EP definitely deserves a listen if you only have a minute at least check out “Moment”. Featuring the vocal stylings of singer Akacia, we feel the track is the premier example of Chaieb’s ability to weave his style into each note but not let his production take center stage.

Make sure you check out Here You Can Leave Me on Soundcloud below!

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Moe Chaieb

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