Arabian Music Label MDLBEAST Drop 2nd Release With Butch’s Tech House Underground “Testarossa”

Let’s face it, watching and being a part of the birth of a brand new label is absolutely exhilarating. On our more recent visit over to MDLBEAST we are checking out “Testarossa”, the newest single from Butch. An incredibly talented producer in his own right, if you are at all familiar with Butch you know you are never quite sure what type of music he will drop next. From pounding techno vibes to eastern-inspired psychedelic, Butch quickly made his name synonymous with the concept of a creative selector.  He doesn’t always lock himself and channel music in his studio, as he brings the same level of creative quirkiness to his Butch TV television series. Due to Butch’s almost chameleon-like style, her has dropped and supported many different labels including Watergate, Cocoon, Crosstown Rebels, Drumcode, Desolat, Hot Creations, Rekids, Saved, and Rebirth…you know just to name a few. Now it’s Butch’s turn to bring a taste of the underground to MDLBEAST. 

It’s been a full year without clubs, locked in a studio for introspection, and I’m happy to present ‘Testarossa‘ as a result of that time. I think that as artists and fans, all we want is to drop some sonic bombs, future club classics, and make things better so we can all dance together again soon.” – Butch

With so much talent already jumping on the platform to release new music, we are excited to see which path MDLBEAST takes. We were introduced to the label through their initial single “Ringtone” from R3HAB, Fafaq, & DNF, so we are glad Butch popped in to mix up the selection a bit. The result of a full year spent indoors and stuck in the studio due to 2020,  “Testarossa” is the result of all of Butch’s pent-up creative energy. Starting off with minimal bass and tech-house-inspired percussion, Butch stitches in a moody synth to give the track that underground feeling we have been missing. The result becomes a dark, seedy, yet completely dance-worthy track that will easily make its way into our underground playlist. We will definitely have to keep an eye on MDLBEAST, as the label aims to showcase more talented artists in the untapped Middle Eastern region, sharing their style with the world.

Make sure you check out “Testarossa” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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