LA Synthwave Project The Bad Dreamers Drop Exorcist Inspired Single “Georgetown”

As the indie rock world continues to expand over the coming years, you need to have an interesting concept catch the fleeting interest of the masses. Kicking off our dive into the indie world this week we have “Georgetown”, the newest single from the indie-pop project The Bad Dreamers. Created in Los Angeles by the talented musician David Schuler, The Bad Dreamers serves as a playground for Schuler to take a more personal approach to his music. Officially debuting back in 2018, the project quickly developed a fan base around their debut single and album Songs About People Including Myself. This fanbase continued to grow throughout 2019, cultivated after a set of live shows with well-known synthwave act FM-84 during the summer. If you haven’t heard of David Schuler, he already sports an impressive resume of releases, having written for the likes of Pink, John Legend, and New Politics. He even wrote the entire soundtrack to the upcoming series “Do Re & Mi”, which features original songs for each of its 52 episodes.

The strive to find and develop a new outlet to take a more personal approach to your craft is definitely a journey that resonates with us, as well as plenty of creators. We’re glad the Schuler found that outlet with such a unique sound that of course we’d have to support it. Officially the latest single for The Bad Dreamers, “Georgetown” tells the story of an exorcist who…happens to be out of work in this modern era, struggling like everyone else in the current landscape. If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, the story is told through a blend of nostalgic synthwave and today’s indie-pop. Heavily inspired by multiple viewings of 1973’s horror classic The Exorcist, “Georgetown” is a surprisingly funny track that takes us on a synthwave journey that we already know we need more of. “Georgetown” will be featured on The Bad Dreamers’s next album Space and Time that will be dropping in full on April 23rd.

Make sure you check out the official music video for “Georgetown” on Youtube below!

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