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The Lone Ranger: Tonto Gets Top Billing?

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TITLE: The Lone Ranger

DIRECTOR: Gore Verbinski

YEAR: 2013

COUNTRY: United States

(Start Rant) The Lone Ranger was newly released this week, and I was dragged along to see it for my little brother’s birthday. I have to say, it actually wasn’t have bad (then again it was a Jerry Bruckheimer film). I swear I am so lit up that I actually like a Disney film, especially I absolutely despise everything Disney and everything Disney owns. Disney is slowly corrupting the minds of the children (end rant).

The Lone Ranger follows the adventures of a lawyer named John Reid and a Comanche named Tonto.  John Reid after some entertaining mishaps, becomes an honorary Texas Ranger much like his brother, Dan Reid, who also accompanies on the raid.   On the hunt for Latham Cole, John, Dan,  and the rest of the Texas rangers are betrayed and are all gunned down.  John Reid succumbs to his wounds, but as Tonto buries him, a spirit horse chooses him to reawaken.  Thus creating John as the Lone Ranger, especially since since he is the only remaining Texas Ranger.

The most important part about Act 1, besides the whole creation of the “Lone Ranger”, is it features the most gruesome and disgustingly dark scene in the entire film. Remember, this is a Disney film, so it is made for children and teens as their major audiences.  Anyways here is how the scene plays out: after the betrayal of the Texas Rangers, John and Dan lie dying against a turned over log, Latham Cole (Who is the leader of the gang they were after) appears and mocks Dan, it is revealed who betrayed the Texas Rangers (their tracker Collins) and after a confrontation Latham Cole admires Dan. In an effort to “gain his power”,  Latham Cole uses his knife and cuts out Dan’s heart and eats it.  Cannibalism in a Disney film? You have to see it.

Alright, so now what did I like about it. Lets just say this, while I didn’t initially entertain the idea, Johnny Depp played an excellent Tonto. The only thing is he completely overshadowed the actor who played the “Lone Ranger”.  To this day I still don’t know off the top off my head who played “The Lone Ranger”/John Reid.  Yes, I know I can just look it up but I don’t really have any interest in doing that.  The other best feature of the film is the comedic chemistry between both of the main actors (Depp and Armie Hammer). They make this film absolutely enjoyable to watch.  Even if the spirit horse steals the show, the clash of worlds/cultures is the most hilarious part of the film.


  • Johnny Depp and spirit horse steal the show.
  • Over-the-top Action
  • Great references to original story/mannerisms.
  • Dark tone.


  • Could have cast someone better for the “Lone Ranger”.
  • Ridiculous villains.
  • Ridiculous characters.

SCORE: 7.5 / 10

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