The World of Art Rock Comes Alive Within The Soft Underground Newest LP “Anemoia”

One of the most brilliant aspects of music is that it is a mere umbrella and every musician can find a stage to showcase their talent. While hard at work in our offices this weekend, we had the alternative rock band The Soft Underground drop by with their newest LP Anemoia. Formed back in 2010 by talented musicians Andrew McCarty and Charlie Hickey, the duo bonded in New York City over their love of 90’s alternative and The Smashing Pumpkins. As the creative juices began to flow, the indie rock world bore witness to the creation of The Soft Underground and the clash of 90’s alternative and 70’s glam. With now three LPs under their belts, we can’t wait to see them take hold of the international stage.

 “Thematically, it’s a happy album, knowing that their material often boasts an impenetrably moody veneer. “We tried to capture that state of euphoria where you can appreciate all facets of life, including the lows.” – Andrew McCarty

Since Anemoia is their third LP in The Soft Underground catalog, our vision of their sound is becoming clearer.  Anemoia stands out as a prime example of The Soft Underground’s constant evolution of their sound and craft all while exploring the more exotic side of music. Embracing the art-rock moniker, the duo utilizes under-used instruments in rock such as violins, flutes, synths, and even basic pots and pans! The Soft Underground recorded Anemoia in its entirety within Andrew’s home, adding even more laid back vibes to the project. Anemoia is raw yet carefully arranged, and The Soft Underground has out-done themselves…at least until the next project.

Make sure you check out the Anemoia LP on Soundcloud below!

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