Singer Songwriter Meggie Lennon Drops “Mind Games” Dream Pop Meets Psychadelic

While we feel like we have been bathing in the dream-pop pool for quite some time now, we can’t help but wonder what else can we add to the mix. This time we are checking out “Mind Games”, the latest single from singer-songwriter Meggie Lennon. Originally starting her career under the name Abrdeen, Meggie found success with her GAMIQ nominated EP Endless Dreams and Dreamlike Mornings. However, wanting to make a name for herself under her own name, Meggie Lennon has stepped out from underneath the Abrdeen veil to show a new side of herself…a new sound if you will. She has continued to spread her new sound across her local province, finding prominence within the local music community. Meggie has now paired up with producers Samuel Gemme and Jules Henry to create her next Sounds From Your Lips EP that will drop this year.

The most recent rise of dream pop has been an intriguing trend to watch, especially with how upcoming artists are changing the pop music genre. For example, Meggie’s interpretation of pop music is to enhance the ethereal and add a solid dose of psychedelic guitar to fill in the gaps. Her voice throughout “Mind Games” adds just the right amount of ghostly ambiance to the track, while the guitar entrances us to keep listening and sway in the blissful state the Meggie has crafted. To top it off, Meggie even dropped a brand new music video that she starred, directed, produced, and filmed on her iPhone. The retro yet rustic feel of the video completely matches the track’s overall vibe.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Mind Games” on YouTube below, or audio on Soundcloud!

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